Wednesday, August 25, 2004

caught in the rain..

mood: tired, dumb head ache,

well, apparently according to my horoscope im at an "emotional climax" i don't know what that means... so my horoscope reads,

You are at a point of emotional climax right now, dear Sagittarius. Things are coming to a critical point in which situations seem to first escalate and then suddenly collapse. Little issues in your relationships that you have failed to deal with openly are coming back to haunt you. It could be that someone is trying to cross you at this time, or maybe it just feels this way. Don't get overly paranoid. The whole world is not out to get you.

hahahaha, yeah im paranoid... always will be. meh, i love horoscopes... they make me laugh... and the occasional time sometimes freak me out... [yes thats right, they can be sorta true]

I went and saw the Exorist: The Beginning with Josh today.... ahh, okay, so my least favorite movie has to be ones that involve possesment... for 60% of the movie i had my ears plugged and eyes half closed... i hate when things pop out at you!!!!! its scary.... yes im a chickenshit when it comes to scary movies.. i know.. lol

and of course it was raining today.. as usual.. bah! not that i dislike the rain.. i just want it to be sunny right now!! *humming mr.sun* lol i love that song.. ooo i have a hat.. yay! for hats.. but i decided i really dislike hat hair... grumbles...

oh yesterday i went to kelsey's with tara and had the best waiter ever!!! haha he was soo funny, i felt so bad for him, it was soo busy and there were only 2 servers.. so when he came back to our table, he'd flop down and rest his legs... i think his name was Antonio... hmmmmmm i think thats right.. anyways at the end of lunch we got our picture taken with him... lol it was great.

yay! i get a computer in my room, i can't wait!!! so now im moving everything around... and chipping my walls.. eep. not a good thing.. oh well, it can be fixed..

hmmm.. work tomorrow. i get to go visit georges at work for the first time tomorrow [he works for the damn competitor now] i get to go bug him.. muhahahaha


p.s: kelsey's plays the best music.. haha they even played jesse's girl.. that songs so old.. i love it.

You wanna know more, more, more about me
Gotta know reverse phsychology
I'm the reason why you can't get to sleep
I'm the girl you never get just quite what you see

Song: Tangled up in Me: Skye Sweetnam
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