Monday, August 23, 2004

drunks on a bus [take 2]

mood: good until i went and crashed the computer, only to lose my blog in the process..

Damnit! i hate when i don't save things... this has had to have happened 3x already.. do i learn my lesson??? nope!

so anyhow, today going to market mall, i had a drunks on the bus.. oh how i love people my own age.. they were so funny. at one point when the bus made a really sharp turn, they all fell out of their seats... i couldn't stop laughing..
i love drunk people.. lol

hmm what else. oh so i worked the 5-9 shift at purdy's today.. i swear, who ever thought of that shift should be taken out and shot repeatedly at different angles..
its stupid, its pointless.. and i only earn about 40$ for it.
on the bright side, the company is raising all our wages by 2%, so that means im finally above 9$!!! hurrah! i now officially make 9.13$

ugh, so i have to make the trip back to francis tomorrow. sickkkkkk.
i don't wanna go but i promised my mom i'd take my brother to get his id and what not. great.. i get to go back to slut central [the official nickname of francis thanks to every other highschool in calgary] bahhh.

So i've found something that amuses me, people that spend all day sitting around and doing this:

[i couldn't put it in the blog, but scan down to the simamese cat]

ah its sooo cool though!!! wouldn't be able to do it myself cuz i couldn't sit still long enough to figure it out.. but wow. amazing stuff. i once got this email that had girls faces done like that, it was absolutely amazing. that takes some talent.. maybe.. or maybe just a computer program.. i dunno. lol

oh well, im off to my geocities page, i think it needs a major face lift. its so boring right now.. hmmmm

enough for tonight.

I'm not afraid of standing still
I'm just afraid of being bored
I'm not afraid of speaking my mind
I'm just afraid of being ignored

I'm not afraid of feeling
and I'm not afraid of trying
I'm just afraid of losing
And I am afraid of dying

Song: Fear of Dying: jack off jill


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