Sunday, August 29, 2004

family gatherings..

mood: all partied out..

ah yes, family birthdays are wonderful... good thing there isn't another one until October..
haha it was fun though, we had two games of Aggravation going.. winners played the winners and the losers played the losers from the first game.. drawing cards the partners were:
my mom and my uncle lonny

evan and my nanny
my aunt debbie/little cousin and my poppy
me and my great grandma..
So first round, it was me against my nanny and my brother.. we kick their butts.. lol it was awesome.. the winners from the other game happened to be my mom and my uncle.. bahh.. cheap game... lol we lost.. oh well. Silver.. not too bad at all.. considering the fact that i haven't played in over a year.

so somehow tonight I got stuck with cooking all the food tonight.. i'm proud to say i did not food poison everyone.. you know you're family trusts you when, they tell you that your in charge of bbqing all the meat.. lol
it was fun except for the fact i smell like bbq sauce now... eww.

ah well, you do what you have to do for food.. lol

aww man, i felt so sorry for Georges today. Since I worked the entire day, on my break i went down to go see him at his store.. he was soo busy and all by himself.. which was bad since he just started. Apparently the girl he was working at got sick, and so he worked 3 hours by himself.. plus had to close down.. which he's only done once. Yeah, he was incredibly busy.. he even stayed till 8pm to finish closing [which he should have been done by 5:30 max] oh yea! and i should be proud to annouce that he finally got his license!!!! yay!!! lol

hmmmm i can't think of much else to say.. nope... nothing else...
oh yeah!! best new ice cream ever!!! Pink Lemonade Sherbert. yummmmyyyy its from L.S too... haha oops..
shouldn't really be buying from there... but meh!





Come On Everybody Get Loose Tonight
Throw A Hand In The Air If Ya Feelin Aiight
We Don’t Care If Ya Stare
Cause The Music Is Tight
Lemme Hear You Say YEAH
So We Can Do This Right


song: the salads: get loose
for full lyrics:


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