Thursday, August 26, 2004

im a.. terrible person.. lol

mood: stiff, i gotta stop cracking my back.. it hurts so much!

okay so i have a horrible confession to make.. for the first time in my life at Purdy's.. I made a little kid cry! Okay so here's what happened.. It was 8:45 [15 minutes before the mall closed].. so i tend to get a bit hyper [or silly as susan s puts it] just cuz i know im going to be leaving soon. so most of the cleaning had been done [this included the glass].. so in walks this adorable little boy.. he comes up to the glass and puts his hands on it.. getting my freshly wiped glass.. completely smudged... So he stands there for a moment looking into the case while I walked around the counter and crouched by him.. he looks at me, and I say in a very 'serious' voice.. if you keep smudging my glass, im going to have to cut your hands off.
Now normally!!! he would have laughed, stuck his hands in his pockets and ran off..
but noooo what did he do???? he started CRYING!! I was shocked... so i told him i was just kidding, and gave him a chocolate.. i'd like to think he just did that to get chocolate.. but i really don't think so.. aw man. i felt horrible.

i'll admit to buying Ashlee Simpson's cd today.. mainly for my little sister.. but it can hurt if I like it too, right? lol

its not all that bad! i mean, while jessica simpson is pop-princess.. ashlee's has more punk to her, which is cool
so it wasn't that bad of a buy..

hmmm what else.. hahaha I got see Georges at his place of work... he keeps trying to convince me that Laura Secord is better than Purdys.. ummm HELLA NO!!! it sucks .. laura secord.. SUCKS! lol

okay im finished.. the only reason i wrote another blog was to tell my terrible story.... im finished..
but heyyyyy uofc 101 in.. 6 days... good god! scary...



But so what,I'm better off everyday
When i'm standing in the pouring rain, I dont mind
I think of you and everythings alright
I used to think i had it good
But now i know that i misunderstood
With you I'd say, i'm better off in every way

Song: Better Off: Ashlee Simpson

For full lyrics:

haha this is horrible


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