Saturday, August 28, 2004

Organized Chaos..

Mood: scattered... my room's never gonna get done!! arg

Hmmm.. so yesterday was my little sister's 7th birthday.. it was fun.. basically all day Friday Tash and I sat at home watching movies, then at 5 my family and I headed out to the Olive Garden [its like the restaurant we now 'officially' celebrate birthdays at].. and now because it was Friday, the balloon animal guy was there..
still the same guy from my birthday too! [he made me a bunch of flowers.. it was soo cool] so this time around he made tasha a cat and made me a flower too.. lol
it was fun, we got the olive garden people to sing happy birthday.. arg, i hate it if it was me, but Tasha loves being the center of attention so she loved it.
So i ended up watching Ella Enchanted with Tasha after dinner, i have to say, its a pretty cute movie.. but unfortuantly it doesn't follow the book at all.. which is a shame because the book is amazing... oh well.

so its offical.. i got the desk and everything.. i finally get a computer in my room! and hurrah! im getting the new one.. its awesome yay! lol im excited.. no more trying to sneak up the creaky stairs and close calls breaking my neck at 4am... lol

I can't believe it... its August 28th already.. im shocked. disbelief that sorta thing.. i swear to god we just finished walking the stage and everything.. where the hell did summer go???? oh well, im kinda psyched for the uofc.. it should be interesting..

3 months left till my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.. i think i've been counting down since April.. so its getting closer.. *yay!* i think im one of the last ones left to turn 18 out of my friends... haha, Tara can't wait.. we're gonna go clubbing!! whoo! lol...

Well I think i better go finished cleaning the rest of my room [its almost there!!] haha i can somewhat see my floor now.. so i know im making progress.. i have too much junk.. *grumble*

ooo i know what i was going to say earlier.. [as in yesterday] the second part to *small, medium and large* is out!!!!! yay! its called.. "COFFEE HOUSE PROPAGANDA"
hahahahhaha its awesome!!!
Best Line:: 'What the hell, is a fuckin' Barista? Is that Mexican for know-nothing coffee-swill serving asshole? 'Coz that's pretty accurate.'
haha to watch it go here:
its awesome..
okay im outta here.

Shut up, come back
Know i didn't really mean to say that
I'm mixed up, so what
Yea you want me so you're messed up too
I love you, I hate you
If you only knew what i've been through

My head is spinnin'
But my heart is in the right place
Sometimes it has to have it's self a little earthquake

Song: Love me for me: Ashlee Simpson
For full lyrics:


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