Thursday, August 05, 2004

So I got tired of doing it my way...

Wow! look how much easier this is... haha amazing..
So i got fed up with having to switch around my links for my own daily logg and decided that this was a much cooler way to go... =P
lol, i dunno.. we'll see how this works out.. I mean i can copy and paste stuff directly on here.. so its looking better and better.....

Okay well first things first! I got back from my first vaction in 5 years, today. My family and I headed up to Radium for a couple days, it was awesome.. I learn't some things about myself that i never knew before.. such as I can pick locks!!! muhahaha.. no need to be alarmed just yet..
I think it was really just a fluke.. So what happened was that my brother (being the dummy he is.. =P) went and locked the bottom part of our room door before we headed out the first night. We come back, and it wouldn't have been a problem if it wasn't for the fact that there was no key hole for the bottom lock... no there was only this tiny hole. So my mom starts freaking out and asks for my bobbypin and tries to pick the lock... She can't do it, so they start talking about what they should do. So while they were trying to think of a plan, i use my other bobbypin, and try to jiggle the lock open.. 2 seconds later, i hear a pop, and i swing the door open..
So thats my illegal entry story.. i'll have to try it again sometime and see if i'm just a natural.. lol
Hmm what else, well radium was awesome, I absolutely adore the hotsprings there.. It'd be an awesome place to go for a road trip.. not that expensive. =)
but oh man, you know your truly a city girl when, you get upset you have no reception.. lol
it was a sad sad moment in time.
oh well,
thats enough for tonight.
going out for a late night snack with T.
mmmmmm french fries and chicken wings.. courteousy of earls.. lol


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