Tuesday, August 10, 2004

woke up today and wished for tomorrow..

Mood: Meh, okay. [the title was a lil' marilyn manson if u didn't know =P]

Yeah, just okay. Today was a sucky day... i worked. I'm really thinking about quitting though, I'm tempted to go see what the pay is over at the World Health Club. Pros' with working there... its a 5 min walk from my house.
Yes, I'm incredibally lazy... its a fact.
well not really lazy, just tired of walking for an hour just 2 get to work... thats all.

bah, what else is up.
Grand opening of Market Mall tomorrow.. lets all jump for joy!
Haha, now there's going to be two parts to Market Mall.. the ghetto part, and the rich part...
i swear... the new part puts the old part to shame... its so nice..

So another good movie to see is the Manchurian Candidate. awesome.. i love Denzel Washington.. awesome actor. It has a really good plot, some parts made me squeamish.. but oh well. It was good non the less.

Hmmm i think im going to go make some 'roni.
haha, its almost 12 and i want supper... little late for that.. oh well.

Wow, i have nothing to say, unless i start rambling.
but i won't. hmmm .. go here. www.illwillpress.com or better yet. http://www.ebaumsworld.com/signs.html
your soul will enjoy it.

good night

*-* piece by piece, and bit by bit
i'll break this down for you, real slow
but i can't whisper all of this
and i can't seem to let this go *-*


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