Monday, September 13, 2004

First Entry on.... my computer!!!!

mood: estatic..

YAY! i did it!!!! jeez, so simple too... so yes! i have a computer allllll to myself in my own room.. internet and everything.... well hmmmmmm... technically i do have alot to type about.. lets see, just started university.. aww man, huge campus.. but i think i've figured out my way around pretty quickly.. its funny.. i mean.. you'd think.. lots of people.. huge campus.. you'd never find anyone.. the first week of classes.. so Wed, Thurs and Fri.. i ran into sooooo many Francis people... they're just everywhere.. its soo nice...

you know whats really comfy??? oversized fleecies.. haha thats my advice for today.. go get one.

but what i wanna know is.... why the hell is it getting so damn cold in Alberta!!! stupid weather... i shouldnt' even be having to think about warm comfy things.. its supposed to nice out!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

lol, hmm what else.. wow, i really don't have alot to say.. weird considering i haven't wrote nething in a while..
welll this is dumb. haha, i'll write something tomorrow.. for now.. i need to go eat dinner.



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