Monday, September 20, 2004

random words

mood: pas mal

haha, using my 'fancy' french.. its pathetic.

alrighty, so 5 days have passed without an update.. what to talk about..

lifes not too bad, i absolutely adore my classes especially Psychology and Greek & Roman Lit Studies.. its soooo interesting.. on the other hand, im starting to dislike English [egads!].. yeah thats a total first.. ah well.. it just means i actually have to work hard to get some good grades.. *sigh* no more slacking for me...

So, Friday I went on the c-train... we all know this is nothing unusal...
and of course.. you have drunks get on the c-train from time to time. This is what happened on Friday.. I dunno.. when that happens I try to zone out as much as possible.. cuz you don't wanna start laughing.. [cuz thats a very very bad thing] it was bizarre.. i think for the whole time we were on the c-train i wanted to cry, laugh or be pissed off... its a very weird combination of emotions.. but nearing Dalhousie.. he started off on how he lost one of his batteries to put in his walkman.. so he was swearing because he couldn't listen to his music.. aw man, i felt so bad for him... so i dug out my spare batteries and gave it to him when we were about to get off the ctrain. awwww, he was so cute, he was all like, thanks little girl.. and then as we stepped off he pointed upwards and said all the power to you...
*sigh* its only after when you hit rock bottom do you appreciate the little things in life, like batteries...
ah well.. it made my night... he was so happy to get an extra battery.. it definately worth it.

oh Foamy.. my Lord and Master.. hahaha I only go into this song and dance when a new one comes out.. newest one is called Tech-Support.. omg, its hillarious just cuz its so damn true. but yeah, to watch it is sooo worth it!

anyhow! I got to watch Moulin Rouge with Tara on Saturday night..
that was such a weird movie.. lol worth it in the end.. but soooo weird.

yeah thats 'bout all..
found a couple cute things on nexopia.
i'll put them up..

awwwww.. its so cute!


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