Tuesday, October 12, 2004

damn.. managed to slack off again

mood: good good, tired.... but good.

damnit, so much for keeping this updated... bah.. i try..

So whats new??? ummm school sucks? but thats not new, infact thats very old news.. i think i've been saying that since kindergarden.. [ i mean with my history its true.. i went for one day.. then came home and asked my mom to write me a sick note for the rest of the week.. i knew right from the start school was a baaddd thing... ] well besides that i've written two tests so far.. my first anthropology, and psychology 'midterms'.... Anthropology was easssyyyyy.... i think i did really well... now it would help if i got the damn thing back...
Psych on the other hand... is.. well... a bitch.. omg i just about died..
and managed to pull off a B-.... not good enough ppl! and every one said Psych is easy..... my ass it is.. *rolls eyes*

alright, enough about school
. ah yes... Happy Birthday Josh.. xxx! [well you know.. happy birthday on Oct.8th.. i already said happy b-day.. i think i just have to announce it on here...] awwwww lucky him.. 18.. bah.. i got 1 month 15 days to go! hurrah

heyyyy got to see shaun of the dead.... lmao.. its great.. i love brits... they're expressions are the best.... yeah it was pretty awesome.. definatly recommend it.. next two movies that i'm seeing are gonna end up being Shark Tale.. [yay! like Nemo!] and that puppet one.. Team America? i dunno what its called but it looks really good..

hey for the first time i've had a pic done with that sketch express thing you see at like movie theaters and stuff.. it was so much fun.. and it was at 12:45am this morning... hehe, right after the movie.. so happy 2 months, my crazy engineer.. =)
xxxx lol

anyways, thats enough of an update for now I believe.. i have more stuff to say.. but i'll save it for when im a bit more coherrent =)
good night!


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